Universities in Kenya

In Kenya there’re a number of universities and other institutions of higher learning, established under the Universities Act 2012, which provides for the development of university education, the establishment, accreditation and governance of universities.
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Universities in Kenya

Below is a list of Public (Government) and Private Universities in Kenya, together with their codes, locations and websites - incase you may need to know more about any of them.






UON University of Nairobi Nairobi https://uonbi.ac.ke/
MU Moi University Eldoret https://www.mu.ac.ke/
KU Kenyatta University Kiambu http://www.ku.ac.ke/
EU Egerton University Njoro https://www.egerton.ac.ke/
MSU Maseno University Maseno https://www.maseno.ac.ke/
JKUAT Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Kiambu https://www.jkuat.ac.ke/
TUK Technical University of Kenya Nairobi https://tukenya.ac.ke/
TUM Technical University of Mombasa Mombasa https://www.tum.ac.ke/
MMUST Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology Kakamega https://www.mmust.ac.ke/
DKUT Dedan Kimathi University of Technology Nyeri https://www.dkut.ac.ke/
CU Chuka University Chuka https://www.chuka.ac.ke/
LU Laikipia University Laikipia https://laikipia.ac.ke/
SEKU South Eastern Kenya University Kitui https://www.seku.ac.ke/
KSU Kisii University Kisii https://kisiiuniversity.ac.ke/
MMU Multimedia University of Kenya Nairobi https://www.mmu.ac.ke/
UOK University of Kabianga Kericho http://kabianga.ac.ke/ 
KARY Karatina University Karatina https://karu.ac.ke/
MUST Meru University of Science and Technology Meru https://www.must.ac.ke/
KYU Kirinyaga University Kerugoya https://www.kyu.ac.ke/
PU Pwani University Kilifi https://www.pu.ac.ke/
MUT Murang’a University of Technology Murang’a https://www.mut.ac.ke/
MCKU Machakos University Machakos https://www.mksu.ac.ke/
UOE University of Eldoret Eldoret https://www.uoeld.ac.ke/
KBBU Kibabii University Bungoma https://kibu.ac.ke/
MMARAU Maasai Mara University Narok https://www.mmarau.ac.ke/
COPUK The Co-operative University of Kenya Nairobi https://www.cuk.ac.ke/
GU Garissa University Garissa https://www.gau.ac.ke/
LU Laikipia University Nyahururu https://laikipia.ac.ke/
RNU Rongo University Rongo https://www.rongovarsity.ac.ke/
TTU Taita Taveta University Voi https://www.ttu.ac.ke/
UOEM University of Embu Embu https://embuni.ac.ke/






KAGEU KAG East University Nairobi https://east.ac.ke/
MKU Mount Kenya University Thika https://www.mku.ac.ke/
UUC Uzima University College Kisumu https://uzimauniversity.ac.ke/
BARA University of Eastern Africa, Baraton Eldoret https://ueab.ac.ke/
DAYSTAR Daystar University Nairobi https://www.daystar.ac.ke/
ANU Africa Nazarene University Nairobi https://www.anu.ac.ke/
SCU Scott Christian University Machakos https://scott.ac.ke/
KABU Kabarak University Nakuru https://kabarak.ac.ke/
USIU United States International University Africa Nairobi https://www.usiu.ac.ke/
- Strathmore University Nairobi https://strathmore.edu/
ZETECH Zetech University Ruiru https://www.zetech.ac.ke/
KWUST Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology Nairobi https://www.kwust.ac.ke/
CUEA Catholic University of Eastern Africa Nairobi https://www.cuea.edu/
PAC Pan Africa Christian University Nairobi https://www.pacuniversity.ac.ke/
KeMU Kenya Methodist University Meru https://kemu.ac.ke/
- Adventist University of Africa Ongata Rongai https://www.aua.ac.ke/
GRETSA Gretsa University Thika https://gretsauniversity.ac.ke/
GLUK Great Lakes University of Kisumu Kisumu http://www.gluk.ac.ke/
PUEA Presbyterian University of East Africa Kikuyu https://puea.ac.ke/
SPU St. Paul’s University Limuru https://www.spu.ac.ke/
KCA KCA University Nairobi https://www.kca.ac.ke/
AIU Africa International University Nairobi https://www.aiu.ac.ke/
RU Riara University Nairobi https://www.riarauniversity.ac.ke/
MUA Management University of Africa Nairobi https://www.mua.ac.ke/
- Amref International University Nairobi https://amref.ac.ke/
KHEU Kenya Highlands University Kericho https://khu.ac.ke/
Aga Khan University Nairobi https://www.aku.edu/
LUKENYA Lukenya University Mtito Andei https://lukenyauniversity.ac.ke/
ILU International Leadership University Nairobi https://kenya.ilu.edu/
PIU Pioneer International University Nairobi https://piu.ac.ke/
RU Riara University Nairobi https://www.riarauniversity.ac.ke/
TEAU The East African University Kajiado East https://teau.ac.ke/
UMMA Umma University Kajiado https://umma.ac.ke/
UZIMA Uzima University Kisumu https://uzimauniversity.ac.ke/

So, which university/universities did you or are you planning to attend? What course did you or are you planning to pursue? Share your comments below.

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