How to Apply for a TSC Number Online for Kenyan Citizens

The Teachers Service Commission Act 2012 under Article 237, requires the commission to register all qualified teachers (and issue them with the Certificate of Registration bearing a TSC number) before they can teach in any public or private institution.
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How to Apply for a TSC Number Online for Kenyan Citizens

First Things First

  1. Apply for a Certificate of Good Conduct, then visit a nearest Huduma Centre for fingerprint collection. It will take approximately one (1) month to process the certificate.
  2. Download the GP 69 Medical Form and fill it in duplicate at a health facility near you.
  3. Apply for a KRA PIN, if you don’t have it.
  4. Get two (2) Passport Size Photographs of yourself.
  5. Pay the non-refundable Registration Fee of KES. 1060 to TSC via:
    • M-PESA: Deposit KES. 1100 into your M-PESA account.
      • Open your M-PESA menu,
      • go to Lipa na M-PESA,
      • select PayBill,
      • enter Business No. 625625,
      • enter Account No. TSC(your national ID number),
      • enter Amount 1060, then
      • enter your M-PESA PIN then click OK. Be sure to keep the M-PESA payment transaction message.
    • BANK: Deposit KES. 1060 directly to TSC’s bank account number 01001000905001 at a nearest National Bank of Kenya branch/agent, and keep the bank payment slip.
  6. Get copies of the required documents (National ID Card, Degree/Diploma/PTE/ECDE Certificate, Academic Transcripts, KCSE Certificate, KCPE Certificate, Certificate of Good Conduct, KRA PIN Certificate, filled GP 69 Medical Form, Passport Size Photograph) and visit a TSC Office near you for verification (stamping).


  • Verified scanned copies of your:
    • National ID Card (both sides in one PDF)
    • Degree/Diploma/PTE/ECDE Certificate (as applicable)
    • Academic Transcripts (for Degree/Diploma holders, all in one PDF)
    • KCSE Certificate
    • KCPE Certificate
    • Certificate of Good Conduct
    • KRA PIN Certificate
    • Filled GP 69 Medical Form
    • Passport Size Photograph
    • Affidavit (if your name differ in your documents)
  • A Screenshot of the M-PESA Payment Transaction Message (if you paid via M-PESA) or Bank Payment Slip (if you paid via the bank).


  1. Go to your browser, search Teachers Online then click on the Teachers Online Portal to open,
  2. click on New Teacher Registration:- Citizen,
  3. on the New Registration for Kenyan Citizens signup page:
    • enter your ID Number, Surname, Phone Number, KRA PIN, Category (i.e. ECDE, Primary or Post Primary), confirmation that you are a Trained Teacher and have carried out Teachng Practice (for Primary and Post Primary category), KCSE/KCE/KACE/EACE/EAACE Mean Grade and the Year of Sitting (the year you sat for your KCSE), then
    • click Next.
  4. In Step 2, Basic Details page:
    • enter your First Name, Other Name (optional), Religion, Date of Birth, Gender, Nationality, County, Sub County, Impairment Type (select NONE if you aren’t impaired) and Email Address, and finally the Permanent and Current Postal Addresses (specifying the address, postal code and town precisely), then
    • click Next.
  5. In Step 3, Educational and Professional Qualification page:
    • select the Institution Type (i.e. Primary, Secondary or Tertiary) and fill in the Institution Name, From (the year when you started school), To (the year when you finished school), Specialization (e.g. KCPE, KCSE, BED Arts, etc.), Certificate Number and Certificate Year as printed on your certificate and finally File (click Choose File to upload the scanned certificate), then
    • click Next.
  6. In Step 3, Documents Uploaded page:
    • select the Type (i.e. Document Type e.g. ID/Passport), fill in the Description (e.g. National Identification Card if you are uloading your national ID card) and finally File (click Choose File to upload the scanned certificate/document), then
    • click Next.
  7. In Step 4, Other Details page:
    • fill in your Subject Details (i.e. Main and Second subjects you specialized in including the hours completed and grade attained for each subject), Other Details (i.e. if you’ve ever been Dismissed or Convicted and reasons for both) and finally Payment Details (i.e. Payment Mode, Payment Reference and Payment Date), then
    • click Save and Finalize to view the Summary Page, a page containing a summary of your application.

You can go back if you wish to clarify your application before finalizing. The Summary Page can be printed for record keeping by clicking Print.


  • A TSC Number is issued within Thirty (30) Days after applying for Registration.
  • As you wait patiently, it is good that yo keep checking your Registration Status online.
  • You’ll be notified via SMS once you are registered as a teacher by TSC.
  • A teacher can be deregistered if he/she:
    • dies,
    • obtains registration fraudulently,
    • has been convicted of a sexual offence or an offence against a learner,
    • has been convicted of a criminal offence which renders the person unfit to be a teacher,
    • is found unfit to teach following disciplinary proceedings, or
    • suffers from physical or mental illness or infirmity which renders the person incapable of performing the duties of a teacher.

Teachers Service Commission Contacts

  • Physical Address: TSC House, Kilimanjaro Ave., Nairobi (Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
  • Postal Address: P.O. Box Private Bag - 00100, Nairobi
  • Phone Numbers: +254202892000 or +254722208552 or +254777208552
  • Email Address:

Contact teQniQal Stationers & Printers Ltd. for Paid Assistance

Call/SMS/WhatsApp us through +254748836850 to be assisted to register for a TSC number at a cost of KES. 200 (Lipa na M-PESA Till No.: 840376). We’ll be happy to help.

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